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What you’ll want to know.

Here are some of the questions we are most often asked. They are about us, what we offer, and about our procedures, fees, delivery times, and more. Some of our answers can be found on our About, Service, and other pages – but you might find it useful to have it all under these FAQs, for a quick overview. For added questions and more detailed answers, we invite you to check our About and Service pages, as well as our Perfect Partners page.

Perfect Lister has been in the Amazon listing, account maintenance and management business since 2007 – for more than a decade. We have the skills and experience you can benefit from!

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to make you succeed on the Amazon marketplace, no matter what you’re selling. Here is a quick summary of our services: Amazon listing services, product descriptions, 3-step PPC marketing, branding, product images, logo design, product packaging and partnered services. For a comprehensive list with full descriptions, please see our Services page.
You can access a full range of professional web and e-commerce services through Perfect Lister’s Perfect Partners, who provide web design and development, branding, graphic design, SEO, PPC, social media, e-mail marketing, copywriting, content management and more.
Yes, Perfect Lister’s specialization and sharp focus is exclusively on Amazon , the world’s greatest – and by far – most powerful marketplace. This focus has resulted in unparalleled expertise and experience which, in turn, gives our clients a substantial edge over their competitors. For selling on other platforms (such as eBay, Overstock, etc.), we can guide you to some of our experienced Associate Partners who can assist you.
Currently, we are only providing services for Amazon.com but plan to extend to other platforms in the near future. If interested, please contact us and we will try to provide you with a prospective date.

Unlike run-of-the-mill Amazon lister companies, Perfect Lister takes the steps necessary to deliver quality work with optimal results. We cater to your needs by taking care of each individual listing by hand, researching the competition and knowing our clientele to deliver top-notch, professional work that takes your brand to the next level.

Perfect Lister prides itself on fast, yet reliable, accurate and thorough service. Our team of e-commerce professionals will make every effort to complete your work within 48 working hours.

Perfect Lister has certainly boosted (in many cases dramatically!) clients’ conversion rates. If you have the right item to sell at the right price, we feel confident we can do very well for you, too.

Absolutely. Our Privacy Policy guarantees strict confidentiality regarding any and all information our clients entrust us with.
For a list of fees, please refer to our Services table. Our terms can be e-mailed to you upon request.
Even easier done than said! Simply fill in the really short inquiry form on the preliminary application page, and we’ll get back to you ordinarily within 2 business days (within hours if you indicate it’s urgent). We’ll be happy to discuss and address your requirements, and give you professional advice without any charge or obligation. You can then decide how to proceed. If you want to move forward, we’ll ask you for all the relevant product information to get started.

Any additional questions? Please contact us for a quick response!